Mission and Values


Leadership that brings people together


The Faith & Politics Institute advances reflective leadership among members of Congress and congressional staff to bridge the divides that arise in a thriving democracy.


The Faith & Politics Institute embraces values that are essential for a thriving democracy.  Among those it holds most important are: Conscience, Courage, Compassion, Diversity, Integrity, Trust, Spiritual Engagement, Personal Reflection, Interfaith Understanding, Forgiveness, Civility, and Community.

The Faith & Politics Institute makes the following commitments:

  • To serve members of Congress in the fulfillment of their constitutional oath to form a more perfect union
  • To abstain from advocating for public policy initiatives
  • To integrate reflective leadership practices into each of our programs
  • To cultivate diverse leadership within our organization and among our constituents
  • To uphold the separation of church and state while strengthening the influence of reflective leadership in American public life
  • To bridge the differences that arise in a thriving democracy
  • To act with integrity and adhere to the highest ethical standards
  • To promote a climate of trust and seek to earn the trust of others