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Founded in 1991, The Faith & Politics Institute has served hundreds of members of Congress and congressional staff by offering experiential pilgrimages, reflection groups, retreats and public forums. In a world that is increasingly interconnected, we are dedicated to doing this work with the Congress because of their ties to a broad constituency and their leadership in local, national and global policy. Our belief is that our commitment to a relatively small but influential group of people will ultimately reach many. Support our mission to advance productive discourse and constructive collaboration.

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How do we make an impact?

The Institute hosts the Capitol Hill community in a variety of settings: small reflection groups, Members’ bipartisan dinners, Chiefs of Staff dialogues, retreats, public forums, pilgrimages and individual ministry. We also honor companies, lobbyists, unions and others who seek a philanthropic and bipartisan approach. We particularly honor those whose faith has led them to constructive efforts.

What difference can you make?

When you support our work, you are personally contributing to the effort to bridge Washington’s divides. However small your contribution, your name will become part of our list of supporters on our website and you will become part of the solution. Support our work today!

The Faith & Politics Institute is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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