Calendar of Events

May 14th-15th:

  • Better Angels
    Faith, Politics, and our Better Angels Dialogue. Read about the first Better Angels Gathering in June, 2013 HERE.
    The Better Angels program seeks to convene national faith leaders from various perspectives to discuss and develop solutions for elevating political discourse and bridging divides in government and in their communities.  A group of over 20 prominent Christian faith leaders will convene for a dialogue and discussion of a 2-3 year initiative to promote greater respect and deeper civility in the public square.

May 16th:

  • St Joseph Breakfast
    St. Joseph’s Day Breakfast. More info here.
    Since 1997, the Institute has been celebrating St. Joseph’s Day with an annual breakfast, speech, and awards presentation. The breakfast was founded to raise awareness of the spiritual and moral issues that affect economic life in America. The Institute recognizes labor leaders, business leaders, and public sector representatives who work to promote fairness and dignity in the workplace. This year we will recognize a prominent labor leader who participated in the March on Washington.

July 25-27, 2013:

  • Coming to America
    “Becoming America” Pilgrimage to New York and New Jersey
    Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY) and Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) are leading a congressional delegation to New York City and New Jersey to explore the rich and diverse heritage of Americans and the various ways their families came to America.  The delegation will visit historic sites in the Lower East side of Manhattan, attend a naturalization ceremony, and hear the immigrant stories of religious, political and business leaders.At a time when immigration policy is dominating public discourse and discussions in Congress, this trip will be a unique forum where politics and policy will be put aside and the focus will, instead, be on examining immigration from a historical perspective.

July 31, 2013:

  • March on Washington
  • March on Washington Commemoration The Faith & Politics Institute is organizing a commemorative event in early August in anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.  Rep. John Lewis is the only living speaker from this historic day.

August 2013:

  • Congressional Reception. More info here.
    The Congressional Reception is a gathering of friends of the Institute to thank them for participating in our efforts to bridge racial, political, and religious divisions.  The Reception is also an opportunity to invite others to join us in our work.  Past participants on our Civil Rights Pilgrimage will share their experiences with others who would like to learn more about the Institute.

Congressional Reception


  • Civil War
    Civil War 150th and Civil Rights 50th Anniversaries
    A series of programs will be held between 2013 and 2015 in various parts of the country and on Capitol Hill around the backdrop of the sesquicentennial remembrances of the Civil War and the 50th anniversary of key events in civil rights history.  These anniversaries will provide the framework to explore topics such as racial healing and equity, and the role of civility and respect in democracy.

Ongoing Programs:

  • Weekly Reflection Groups for Members of Congress
    The Institute sponsors weekly reflection groups for Members of Congress designed to provide occasions for quiet meditation, spiritual community, and contemplative dialogue. These group meetings allow members to learn from and support one another, and to engage in meaningful conversation about values and beliefs in connection with their roles in Washington.
  • Senate Chiefs of Staff Dialogue Dinners
    Faith & Politics will continue to host dinner dialogues for Senate Chiefs of Staff.  These dinners regularly gather a bi-partisan group of 15 to 25 Senate Chiefs of Staff for dinner with a speaker and open discussion.
  • Congressional Leadership Events
    As follow-up to the Alabama pilgrimage, several events are planned throughout the year for a dedicated group of members of Congress to explore their leadership role in a multiracial and multicultural democracy.  Some of these events will be associated with commemorative events surrounding the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement.